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Effective Email Marketing with Mardbar

Email Marketing for a SEO client- Quality Is the Key Word For A Successful Business

Email marketing is an advertising technique that provides the user with a platform to send one-to-one communication messages to a prospective customer or current customer.

Marketing by email has increased in popularity in recent years. This primarily stems from low costs and its potential for high returns.

Our email marketing service creates customized campaigns with variables including subject lines, copy writing, images, and time of day sent. We typically create emails that combine a compelling subject line, valuable content, relevant images, and an accurate time stamp to make sure they’re delivered in the best way possible.

Email marketing tips that will boost your ROI

What is email marketing and why should you care?

Email is one of the most important tools in a marketer’s toolbox. Marketers can’t afford to ignore it, and today a lot more companies are getting the message. Businesses that used to consider email unimportant or an afterthought are increasingly telling us otherwise, as they watch their competitors nail it on this front with great results.

There are a number of things one needs to know when it comes to running an effective campaign. One of the key aspects is getting your minds right and knowing you’re going into this with your eyes open.

Here are some tips for learning how to put together social media for Email Marketing that will work effectively:

1. Quality beats quantity, don’t bombard recipients – Make sure the emails sent out have high-quality content and design elements like images, or else people won’t bother opening them or they’ll stop reading halfway down the page.

2. Keep it clean- Ensuring there’s no spamming on social media makes people more likely to join in conversations which are then drafted back up into email campaigns, emails typically being treated with more trust than social media.

3. Mobile friendly – Posting to social media should be done on a regular basis, but also ensure the information can be read clearly using mobile devices; in this day and age almost everyone has a mobile device so make it easy for them to read your posts wherever they are.

4. Consistency is key – People want consistency with what they’re getting from you, if you post great content once a week it won’t have as much of an effect as posting three times a week on specific days. If posts are not consistent people will get bored and stop engaging with your page altogether or by continuing to engage too often followers may unsubscribe out of annoyance rather than interest in new information being released.


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