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What Mardbar offers to our partners!

Custom SEO Services That Fit Your Business Needs

We’re not the average SEO agency, your not the average SEO client, so why focus on solutions that are designed for the average client, when you are Above-Average?

Link Building

One of the most mundane aspects for SEO is Outreach for link building. It's a dirty business but someone has to do it! So why not do it well?

Media Promotion

One of the most advanced forms of marketing is getting Media exposure on top sites like Forbes.com, CNN, Money.com

Social Content

In 2021 and beyond, forget about needing a Social presence, you need - in fact your visitors demand that you have a Social FORTRESS to defend your rankings!

SEO Optimization

Does your SEO agency's optimization plan begin and end with a WP plugin? Our process uses over 500 ranking factors to skyrocket your JV project to the Moon!

Mardbar's path to success

Boosts Your Website Traffic!

Give your struggling web property the shot of rankings juice that is so sorely needs!

About Our Process

Get more sales with SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing

It’s not all about Content on a page, there’s a whole recipe involved that results with a harmonious marriage between SEO, PPC, Social, Email marketing into one incredibly sleek money making machine!


Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a crucial spoke in every competent SEO's repertoire. Boost your website's popularity in the eyes of Google and Bing with Social campaigns!


Email Marketing

One of the most valuable assets of any successful online business is their Email list. Are you optimizing your list for maximum value? Connect with us today!


Real time data

Data can't be looked at on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. It must be reviewed in "Real Time! Web visitors are a fickle crowd, stay ahead of the changes or get left behind!

A Look at Our SEO Joint Venture Services

We work with owners of web properties in a partnership, to ensure a mutual satisfying experience that results in a a positive ROI for all parties involved – that is our process.

Our Specialists

Our successful team

Content? Outreach? WordPress Optimization? We have you covered! Our industry leading team of veteran marketers is here to help your website “Reach the Stars”…

Mark Whiffen

Managing Director

Currie Graham

Content Manager

Melissa Kate

Outreach Manager

Eric Winter

IT Manager

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